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With Optimism in tomorrow

Today the Indian Center of Osh State University – a concrete example of International cooperation between our countries in the fields of education and culture.

Effective and fruitful activity of the center for last years, the great experience, stable keen interest of the Kyrgyz youth in the Indian culture speak well for that it is necessary to undertake joint efforts on increase of the status of the Indian center, on further expansion of its educational functions. The Indian center seeks for extension of exchange programs, conducting joint scientific development and dissertation researches. Recently we bring up a question of possibility of creation on the basis of the center of institute of the Indian civilization at Osh State University Or Kyrgyz Indian faculty. These questions demands more attentive and thorough discussion with the Indian party, as defines one of priorities of International relations of Osh State University with the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan and with the Indian council for the cultural relations (ICCR) on the near-term outlook.