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Traumatology, Forensic Medicine with Radiology


      In 1993 years the Clinical Disciplines chair in structure which our chair entered was created. In June 26 of 2000 years on the basis of the order of the rector Osh GU No. 126 the “Traumatology, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery with a Course of Forensic Medicine” chair was created. which the doctor of medical sciences managed, professor Zheenbayev Zholbors Zheenbayevich at that time our chair was considered as one of the best chairs of medical faculty. Since 2008 years in connection with restructuring at medical faculty the chair began to be called “The general surgery and traumatology”

      Since November of 2007 years the chair is headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Rayymbekov Otorbay Rayymbekovich, by order of the rector of OShGU (the order No. 561/2 of 8.11.2007) who in 2009 was elected to this position on a competitive basis. Since October, 2011 in connection with restructuring at medical faculty “General Surgery and Traumatology” chair the order of the Rector of OShGU (No. 574 from 28.10.2011.г) the chair was divided from the general surgery, and the traumatology and forensic medicine with a radiodiagnosis course” began to be called “And the head of the department executing duty the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Ydyrysov Ismatilla Toktosunovich is appointed. The “Traumatology and Forensic Medicine with a Radiodiagnosis Course” chair to be on the basis of territorial city hospital Osh, and students of medical, pediatric, stomatologic offices of medical faculty are trained. Form of education – internal.


Chair faculty:

Only 14 employees work at chair, from them: 1 professors, 3 candidates of medical sciences, associate professors 3, assistants to chair – 8, competitors – 2.

From them two honored doctor of KR, one employee is awarded by the certificate of honor KR, 7 are excellent students of health care of the Territory.

Scientific directions of chair:

Development of methods complex treatment of the combined fractures of long tubular bones and surgical tactics at repeated multiple laparotomies.

Scientific communications of chair: 

The chair has close scientific connections with the KR national surgical center, with chair of the general surgery of KGMA and the Andizhan State medical institute.

Dynamics of growth of quantity and quality of PPS: On chair is available competitors. On a threshold of protection of the master’s thesis there is 1 employee of chair. Head of the department к.м.н. associate professor Ydyrysov I.T. works over the doctoral dissertation.