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The participation of teachers of the department “Surgical disciplines with a course of traumatology” at a webinar organized by the company “Anti-plagiarism”.

From June 6, teachers of the department had the opportunity to participate in an online conference on topics of interest to the following:

1) Plagiarism and its consequences for magazines, organizations and authors

2) Anti-plagiarism: honest answers to uncomfortable questions

3) Fundamentals of borrowing checks in the Anti-Plagiarism system

4) Myths, legends and a little truth about elibrary.ru-RSCI-RSCI. Part 1

5) Borrowings in scientific publications. Citation culture

6) Methodology for the correct use of the Anti-Plagiarism system in universities

7) How to organize an inspection of student work on borrowing

And also get answers to all questions regarding working with the Anti-Plagiarism system and exchange experience with colleagues from other regions and countries. All participants received certificates and access to webinar video recordings.