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The participation of teachers of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” at the inter-faculty Olympics of Osh State University among faculty members under the motto “To love sport is healthy to be!”

In order to improve the forms of organizing mass sports and recreation and sports activities at the university, promoting health, attracting teachers to systematic sports, creating a healthy lifestyle and identifying the strongest athletes, Osh State University sports teams organized sports for the university. According to the approved plan for the educational part of the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2, teachers actively participated and won prizes at the inter-faculty competition. This Olympics was held from January 23 to February 23, 2019, where the following teachers of the department participated in some sports: A. Zhumaliyev, K. Ormoshev, M. Karataev, A. A. Botobekov, O. Kurbanbaev on billiards, Abdirayimov I. S., Zhumaliev A.K., Ormoshev K. D. on football, Abdirasulova J.A., Rakhmanberdieva A.A. on volleyball, Gaipov A.A. and Tursunov V.D. on chess . During the game, teachers showed their best qualities such as speed, agility, attention, tactical thinking, ability to work in a team; development of communication skills and creating an atmosphere of cooperation. We would like to note that ,at the Osh State University, billiards tournament dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day held in the Classic club, A. Jumaliev took part, where he was awarded 3rd place and awarded Osh State University with a certificate and cash prize. Thus, the teachers of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” have a wide range of skills and competencies, competent, socially and professionally mobile specialists and teachers oriented in related fields of activity who are able to successfully realize themselves professionally and culturally and mass events.