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The Medical Academy of Kyrgyzstan is happy for the achievement of Professor Mambet Mamakeev

  • In KSMA named after I.K. Akhunbaev was enthusiastically greeted by the news of registering the establishment of a new individual world record in the nomination “The Longest Surgeon Career” by the outstanding modern physician Mambet Mamakeev.
  • Our Teacher became a world record holder with a result of 67 years, 181 days, which he worked on and continues to work as an operating surgeon, ”emphasizes Andrei Sopuev, vice-rector of the university. “None of the several million surgeons on Planet Earth achieved this result.” Moreover, Mambet Mamakeevich improves his record by daily performing laparoscopic and laparotomy surgical interventions on the abdominal organs.
  • Hero of Kyrgyzstan, academician Mambet Mamakeev graduated from KSMI (now KSMA) in 1952. Currently, he successfully heads the Department of Hospital Surgery with a course of surgical surgery “Alma Mater.” Actively involved in the process of training and education of future doctors.