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The International Mother Language Day!

Since 1999, 21st Feb,is celebrated as the International Mother Language Day across all the countries. This day is celebrated worldwide to promote the awareness of the each language and the cultural diversity of the respective countries. As so to preserve and to show gratitude towards our country and our mother tongue , The Osh State University also celebrated this day with great honour and heart felt wishes. The ceremony took place in the main campus of our university in the afternoon, in the presence of the Vice Rector of our university and honourable dignitaries like the Head of the Ministry (Education Department),Professors from Germany and the Dean of each faculty that comes under the Osh University. Each faculty represented a country and performed their cultural heritage. The students were dressed into each countries cultural costumes and presented their items. Even the students of IMF participated in this event with great enthusiasm to portray the culture of our mother land, students represented India in a very colorful manner in the form of a ramp walk to show the cultural diversity of each state in India followed by a patriotic song sung by the participants, and a fusion dance which was supposed to be the eye opener for the audience. The ceremony and the efforts of each student were praised by the Vice Rector in graceful words and then this was concluded with the national anthem of Kyrgyzstan. The conduction of this program was done by the representatives of the Youth Committee of Osh State University under the leadership of Dr.Mahendra Vaishnav(President of IMF) and the cultural heads of IMF, Usman Khan, Prashika Shejwal and Sowjanya Bora respectively. With the coordinal support of Dr.Rajendra Sharma & Dr.Rajat Gupta. And special regards to Ainura Mitalipova Mam who took efforts to showcase the Indian culture.