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Teachers of the department of clinical disciplines, 2, in the process of pedagogical training

Improve the pedagogical skills of teachers, to improve the professional skills of professionals to improve entrepreneurial skills, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge in order to upgrade the department faculty 2018-2019- school year on January 14-24, the President of the Academy of Public Education Fund A. Boston, vocational education kompetenttuuluk approach to using technology in developing educational and methodological documents and training workshop in Saida Ali Abbas, Rahat Matkasymov G. A. Abdirayimov I. S., J. Eralieva A. M., Gaipov A. attended. 8-day (72-hour) workshop on the preparation of the accreditation of the work-training teachers, trainers discussed the following topics: public education about the transmission of standard data sets, and create silalbus proper training, technology types, Evaluation of the development of assessment tools, the use of interactive boards, to create a fund of funds. The primary objective of the workshop, working with state educational standards, kompetenttuuluk relationship of instructional documents and create lessons of modern developments. To actively participate in the training of trainers of teachers assigned in small groups to develop alternative and practical presentation. Discussion of each sub-group assignments. Date January 24, by participating in the successful completion of the training, teachers, trainers training on the subject in order to achieve the result of the workshop, the nearer the earliest practical lessons have been tasked to develop a plan to write notes. Only after the development plan, and notes in accordance with the demands of the participants will be awarded certificates reported by the trainers.