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Steps of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” in preparation for independent accreditation

Accreditation is a procedure for external assessment of the quality level of an educational organization, during which it is recognized that the educational organization meets certain criteria and standards. In the plans of the MMF in April 2020 of the academic year in the specialty “medical business” accreditation is to be held; therefore, the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” carries out intensive work on preparing for accreditation, the next self-analysis and self-report. On September 22, 2018 academic year, the composition of the working group on preparation for accreditation was approved at the cathedral meeting: Chairman A.E. Omurzakov, deputy. Chairman V.D. Tursunov, members of the working group: J.A. Abzhamilova, J.M. Eralieva, I.S. Abdirayimov, J.A. Abdirasulova, G. Z. Osmonova. And also the meeting approved the plan of the working group head. Department, PhD, associate professor M.M. Bugubaeva and further agreed by the person responsible for the preparation for accreditation of the MMF of Osh State University, PhD, associate professor K. Sh. The members of the working group divided all the standards, then with the corresponding presentation of the standards according to the plan for informing on the general provisions and criteria for evaluating each standard of the teachers of the department.