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Seminar in International Medical Faculty Osh State University on the development of work programs and syllabuse of disciplines.

for the teachers of the International Medical Faculty, a seminar was held on the development of work programs and syllabuses of disciplines, focused on the results of training and the formation of competencies. The seminar was conducted by the professor of the department of international relations of OshGU, the expert on accreditation of the Agency for Quality Assurance in the field of education Nurdinova K. Kh. Since, in the development of work programs and syllabuses, the disciplines for the new school year will be oriented towards RO and the formation of competencies, the presentation was interesting for all participating. Such seminars for the IMF are necessary in order to prepare for the upcoming independent accreditation of the Osh state University. At the end of the seminar the teachers of the faculty received a methodical recommendation for the faculty from the author.