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Preparations at International Medical Faculty Osh State University for upcoming independent accreditation.

The Agency for the Accreditation of Educational Programs and Organizations (AAPO) for teachers of the International Medical Faculty, as well as the Medical College of Osh State University, conducted a training seminar on “Conducting independent accreditation of programs and organizations on the basis of the Faculty of Natural Science and Geography” vocational education “. The facilitator of the training was the director of AAPO, doctor of technical sciences, professor BI Ismailov. The two-day seminar was full of interesting program and exercises in working groups for participants. The program of the first day of the training was aimed at self-evaluation of the educational program or organization, whereas on the second day it was for external evaluation. Each presentation of the lecturer was fixed by exercises in the working groups, which was subsequently presented by the participants and commented on by Professor BI Ismailov. The seminar ended at the end of the second day with the solemn delivery of certificates to all participants of the training.