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Osh State University jointly with Nazarbayev University held an online scientific seminar

  • As part of Science Week at Osh State University, on April 25, the Department of Science, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies organized an online scientific conference headed by His Excellency Mr. Kudaiberdi Kojobekov – Rector of Osh State University, with the participation of scientists, undergraduates, graduate students, researchers from other universities in Kyrgyzstan, as well as scientists from Hungary and Russia. The keynote speaker at the conference was Duishon Shamatov, an honorary graduate of Osh State University and Professor of Nazarbayev University, on “Research Methods.”
  • After the presentation, questions and answers were asked and a lively discussion took place. Scholars actively discussed issues in the field of science, exchanged views, exchanged experiences and sought answers to many questions.
  • There are many challenges facing the scientific community today. “In what way is it appropriate to address issues at a time when education and science are being integrated into the global space?” There was a lively exchange of views on issues of scientific cooperation.
  • Osh State University annually holds international scientific conferences and symposiums. In connection with the current situation, a series of regional and international scientific webinars and video conferences are being held as part of Science Weeks.
  • Concluding the online videoconference, Rector K. Kojobekov announced this week at the University as “International, Regional Video Conferencing Week.”
  • In addition, on April 26, a webinar was organized at the Faculty of Russian Philology of Osh State University. А. Shamatov made a presentation on “Publication of scientific works in Scopus, Web of Science.”