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Normal and Topographical Human Anatomy

Today the chair is equipped with sufficient material base. Disciplines are taught on the separate floor of the 4-storeyed educational campus equipped with educational classes, laboratories: educational auditoriums – 6, a section hall – 2, a Radiological Anatomy hall, the museum, preparatory and the mortuary room. The quantity of the presented evident preparations, stands and tablets is within over 500, among them: models, damp preparations in the glass jars, issued stands, the electrified models, skeletons and bone preparations, a cadaveric material (bodies and organs), surgical tools.

At high scientific and methodical level the newest technologies of training are used.  There are multimedia projectors, TVs, Codoscopes, Slidoscopes, a complex of CD discs, microscopes, video recorders.  Possibilities of multimedia library and university Internet hall are actively used.  2 educational auditoriums are equipped with the Internet and the intranet with communication.  About 600 tables on disciplines of chair are.  Copies of basic textbooks and manuals on each student.  As a whole the library stock of chair is presented by more than 7500 educational editions, including electronic manuals, audio-, video records and Internet resources. 


Celebrating 60-year anniversary of the Osh state university, the staff of chair is adjusted on creative activity and intellectual search, making all efforts on preparation of a highly qualified medical professionals for society.


The chair of morphological disciplines (nowadays chair of normal and topographical human anatomy) medical faculty of the Osh state university is organized in 1993. Till 1995 chair was directed by her organizer, Professor B. Zh. Zhaparov. The age morphology was the main direction of scientific researches of chair, work on studying of influence of mountain and ecologically adverse factors on cardiovascular system, pulmonary and placentary fibers also was conducted.

From 1995 to 2001 the chair was several times renamed, at different times it managed associate professor Ch.Dzh.  Dzhumabayev (1995-98), associate professor R. A. Akhunzhanov (1998), prof. B. Zh. Zhaparov (1993-95, 1998-2001).  Under their management studying of cardiovascular system proceeded, anthopometrical researches of system “mother – placenta – fetus” were conducted. 

It should be noted that during these periods of development of chair for improvement of educational process, teaching improvement of quality, and also preparation of scientific professionals chair supported close connections with the medical educational centers, including the Andizhan state medical institute (Prof. I. Kasim-Hodzhayev, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Associate Professor R. Yunusov). Under the general guidance of professor I. Kasim-Hodzhayev of competitors of chair research work on problems of age morphology, brain anthopometry was carried out, theses were defended for doctoral (Zh.Zh. Zheenbayev, 1998) and candidate (A.T. Baygazakov, 2000).

At this time under the leadership of associate professor Ch. Dzhumabayev the fundamental museum of chair numbering so far about 1000 original preparations on all sections of human anatomy was put. Since October 2001 till August, 2008 the head of the department was Professor T.M. Tulekeev. Scientific activity of chair during this period was concentrated on development of a problem “Influence of ecologically adverse factors of environment on a state of health of the population of the South of Kyrgyzstan”. The concrete main directions of scientific activity of chair were defined, in particular, two subjects were developed: “Morpho-functional features of a placenta of the women living in various biogeochemical zones of the South of Kyrgyzstan” (graduate students: Sakibayev K.Sh. Keneshbayev B. K. )  ; “Physical development of children and the teenagers living in cotton and the tobacco producing regions and in the conditions of a radiation background of Maylysuu” (competitors: Dzholdubayev S. Zh. Mamatov T.A. ) .

Under the leadership of professor T. Tulekeev two candidate theses were protected:  Sakibayev K.Sh.  defended the dissertation on the subject “The Morphological Characteristic of a Placenta of the Women Living in Industrial and Cotton and Tobacco producing Regions of the South of Kyrgyzstan” (2005, KGMA, Bishkek), and Keneshbayev B. K.  on the subject “Morphological and Morphometric Features of a Placenta of Inhabitants of the Antimonial Biogeochemical Region and Living in Territorial Proximity” (2011, KGMA, Bishkek). 

Since September, 2008 to the present chair is managed by Candidate of Medical Sciences Associate professor K.Sh. Sakibayev. Scientific activity is connected with research of biological system “Mother — Placenta — fetus”. For progress in research work it was awarded the Presidential grant according to the professionals of the XXI Century program (2004). Now personnel security (qualitative structure) faculty of chair makes 37,5%, of them Candidate of Medical Sciences Associate professors – 2, Candidate of Medical Sciences senior lecturers – 1, senior lecturers – 5. The educational support personnel are: office manager – 1, the manager mortuary – 1,Head laboratory assistant – 1 and the laboratory assistant – 4 are established posts. Teaching is carried out on the following 4 disciplines of chair: “Human anatomy”, “head and neck anatomy”, “Topographical anatomy”, “Clinical anatomy”.

The chair constantly gives open lectures on problem questions of morphological science with the assistance of specialists of methodical council of faculty. By results of educational and methodical work the staff of chair quite often participated in competitions of university and republican scale. So, developed by associate professor Sakibayev K.Sh. the educational and methodical complex “Human anatomy” (specialty – General Medicine) following the results of the competition “The Best Innovative Educational and Methodical Complex of Educational Programs for Higher Educational Institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, on the basis of Competent Approach”, organized by Association of EdNet educational institutions and Council of rectors of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Kyrgyz Republic in 2010, was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science. the educational and methodical complex “Human anatomy” (specialty – pediatrics) following the results of the university competition “The Best Innovative Educational and Methodical Complex — 2011” was awarded the diploma of the degree.

Also it should be noted that in the competition “The Best Teacher of Osh State University — 2011” the senior lecturer S. Zh. Dzholdubayev took the first place (Grand Prize) and associate professor Akhunzhanov R. A. received Osh State University diploma, and took the II prize in the competition “The Best Lecturer of Osh State University — 2010”.

Staff of the chair is constantly engaged in professional development: many teachers completed courses on Pedagogics and Psychology, Computer courses, and also courses in the specialty. Take active part in the international and inter regional scientific and practical conferences. symposiums and the congresses, has certificates and certificates (Ufa, 2002; Bishkek, 2003; Alma-Ata, 2005; Eagle, 2006; Bukhara, 2008; Yaroslavl, 2010).

At present the chair develops the scientific subject “Morpho – functional and Somatotipological Features of a Placenta of Women and Physical Development of Children and the Teenagers Living in Various Biogeochemical Zones of the South of Kyrgyzstan (Industrial and Technological, cotton and tobacco producing Regions, in the conditions of Kadamzhay and Maylysuu)” which is included in the register of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic (No. 0005841 of 30.03.2010). Now on chair there is a preparation of one doctoral and three candidate of medical sciences thesis.

      From the moment of the organization of chair more than 200 scientific works, including scientific articles, educational and methodical grants, recommendations and improvement suggestions, copyright certificates and patents were developed and recommended for printing. The developed manual “Central Nervous System” in the competition received “The Best Publication — 2007” was awarded Osh State University diploma.

Human anatomy – fundamental science and a subject that matters therefore scientific work of chair of human anatomy is integrated with scientific work of other chairs of university and chairs of higher education institutions of other CIS countries. The chair established relation and the international cooperation with leading medical institutes Academies and universities of Russia. Since 2006, the close interrelation and cooperation with chair of human anatomy of the Volgograd state medical university (the department chair, Prof. Krayushkin A.I. Candidate of medical sciences associate professor Goncharov N. I. )  

in respect of a mutual exchange of experience and collaboration in drawing up, reviewing and release of educational and methodical grants and managements. In particular, head of the department of human anatomy of Volgograd State Medical University, Professor Krayushkin A.I. is the scientific consultant of associate professor Sakibayev K.Sh. on competition of degree of the doctor of medical sciences.

In 2010 the review of the book “The Illustrated Dictionary Eponimov in Morphology” (Goncharova of N. I. Volgograd State Medical Academy) which is published in a local press (the Echo of Osh), the republican magazine (Health care of Kyrgyzstan), and also on the Native land magazine of Volgograd is given.

Also there are working connections with chairs of human anatomy of the Yaroslavl state medical academy (MD, the prof. Shilkin V. V.), the St. Petersburg army medical college (MD, the prof. Gayvoronsky A.I. ) with the International morphological Center.

It should be noted one more largest achievement of the chair. So, in 2011 on the basis of mutual contracts and agreements between the international morphological Center of  plastination (Professor Starchik D.) and chair anatomic plastination preparations in 7 awards were received: “demonstration of bodies of oral cavity and nasal cavity”, “Vessels and head and neck and  nerves (superficial, deep)”, “Heart with lungs”, “Vessels of an internal of a thorax and an abdominal cavity”, “Vessels and nerves of a humeral belt and a free top extremity”, “Vessels and nerves of a pelvic belt and a free lower extremity” and “trunk muscles”.

On chair it was organized and the scientific student’s circle “Young Anatomist” (hands functions. : Candidate of Medical Sciences Associate professor Sakibayev K.Sh. Candidate of Medical Sciences lecturer Keneshbayev B. K. )  . From 1993 to 2011 students at meetings of NSO did messages of abstract character for the purpose of increasing knowledge in a subject, students reported on the researches at faculty conferences, were encouraged with an award.

Management of conferences made stands according to anatomy sections, museum preparations were mounted. “Heart” of any anatomy chair is its museum. In memoirs of N. I. Pirogov and other outstanding scientists and culture dissecting room appears not only the bright page of the student’s biography, but also reliable basis of practical activities of the doctor. On this interval of time the educational museum of human anatomy, medical faculty has the sufficient educational scientific potential, allowing to solve at the same time many problems. The main sections of human anatomy found reflection in it.

At present the quantity of preparations, models, tablets, tables and radiological samples exceed 2000. Placement of damp natural preparations is subordinated to system understanding of a structure of a body of the person, promoting the easiest and conscious perception of the actual material. Stands decorated pictures from the plaster preparations on which various bodies and human body systems are represented, and certainly, their originals are submitted. Museum registration on stories of anatomy is presented by pictures of great anatomists which acquaint visitors with the main stages of development of anatomy as science – since ancient times so far. Sections are again created: “Radiological anatomy”, “The electrified models on muscular system”, “Surgical tools”, etc.

New anatomic tablets and models on an internal, musculoskeletal system, mounted wall anatomic pictures are acquired. Capital rescue and recovery operations in a mortuary are carried out and its internal equipment is reconstructed. Museum completion by mold preparations and schemes on anatomy of bodies and systems is planned. Regular visitors of the museum are the students of the I-II years studying human anatomy by the curriculum. 

Frequent visitors are students of older years and the attending physicians coming for repetition and deeper studying of sections of anatomy. With a great interest students of the senior classes of high schools, lyceums and students of medical schools visit the museum.

A number of anatomic preparations and the stands made by students under the direction of the senior lecturer S. Zh. Dzholdubayev, and young teachers is of value:  Prof.  Keneshbayeva B. K.  senior lecturers M. K. Nuruyev, N. M. Mamashev.  The big contribution to development of chair is made by employees with a long-term experience:  associate professor R. A. Akhunzhanov, senior lecturer R. A. Anarbayev, manager.  B. Chyrmashov’s office.