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New year celebrations at International Medical Faculty Osh State University

On Wednesday, December 27, the International Medical Faculty celebrated the “New Year” at the “Kasiyet” restaurant. The organizers of the corporate department were “Public Health and Public Health”, the total number of teachers was 100 people. Dean, Professor Muratov Zhanibek Kudaybakovich traditionally began the evening with a congratulatory speech. Then the deputy dean for educational work Dzhumaeva Lazokat Madamovna and Atabaev Ibrahim Nasyrovich congratulated all the teachers on the coming new year. Were invited from the rector of Osh State University cms, associate professor Abdubaliyev Abdygany Osmonovich he also said congratulatory speech. At the festival there were various interesting contests and played lottery tickets. Teachers of the MMF received certificates, certificates and cash awards.