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Lectures on the “day of the fight against AIDS”

Within the framework of the month, organized by the Department of Public Health and Healthcare of the MMF, together with the AIDS Center on HIV / AIDS prevention, are dedicated to the day of fighting AIDS and hold thematic meetings in the university dormitories, where the main focus was on the topic of AIDS prevention, transmission routes and signs of disease .

Teachers indicated the opportunity to pass free anonymous HIV testing in the regional center for the prevention and fight against AIDS and in the building of the clinic of Osh State University.

Purpose of the action:

Develop students’ skills in preventing and combating HIV / AIDS.
Identify problems associated with HIV / AIDS
Increasing students’ awareness of HIV / AIDS
On November 29, the head of the department Turusbekova AK, the head teacher Abdimomunova B.Т. and other teachers of the Department of Public Health and Healthcare of the MMF with the presence of the Vice-Rector of Osh State University on educational part Koldoshev TK, conducted a review lecture dedicated to the day of the “fight against AIDS” students living in hostels of Osh State University.

On November 30, with the participation of the dean (…) Kenensariev Olzhobay Akhmedovich, a lecture was given to students of students at the Osh Construction College who organized a red ribbon flash mob which is a symbol of the fight against AIDS. The teachers explained the difference between HIV infection and AIDS, the transmission of the disease, prevention, and also answered the students’ questions and informed the students that the Osh State University Medical Center held the “Get to Know Your Status” campaign from November 15 to December 1, where status is anonymous and free.