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International students celebrate International Mother Language Day

On February 15, a festive event titled “Ar ulutun asabasy – ene til” took place at the international medical faculty on the International Mother Language Day. The organizers were the teachers of the department of the SRS MMF Osh State University. At the faculty, mostly Indian students study, and at the festival a program was presented, where students, through dances, songs and poems, told about mysterious India. It was particularly interesting to see the scene where they showed the wedding ceremony, without which it is impossible to imagine the tradition and culture of the Indian people. When students sang songs, danced, we seemed to plunge into the world of Indian films, which we have loved to watch since childhood. In India, there are 447 different languages ​​and over 2 thousand dialects. Students demonstrated some of them. They read poems in Tamil, Malali, Hindi and Kyrgyz. Arstanov Sabyrkul Abdymanapovich, vice rector for the state language, made a congratulatory speech. He emphasized the value of the native language for each culture. Many languages ​​in the world disappear from the face of the earth, turning into “dead”. And therefore, everyone should take care of their native language, preserve and develop.