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International flights in Kyrgyzstan plan to resume on June 15

  • International flights are scheduled to resume on June 15. This was announced at a briefing by the head of the Civil Aviation Agency of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Akyshev.
  • According to him, they are now coordinating an algorithm of actions. “We offer foreign companies to open flights from this date. Whenever possible, each company offers its dates – when and how many times they will operate flights, ”he said.
  • Kurmanbek Akyshev added that over a month foreign companies are offered to fly to Kyrgyzstan once a week. Now they are working on the schedule of international flights and the frequency of flights. It is planned that there will be two to three flights daily. “The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Emergency Situations agree on this amount, they will be able to accept for the sorption and fulfill all the requirements,” he added.
  • The director of the agency noted that the local airline will also operate flights once a week to different cities.

Link: https://24.kg/obschestvo/154823/