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Further training of teachers of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” in pedagogy and psychology

The dynamic development of education has become one of the main reasons for increasing the requirements for the qualifications of teachers. Each teacher of Osh State University must possess professional qualities, and meet the modern requirements of the educational sphere on the competence approach. According to the law of the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic of Article 28 “The right to engage in teaching activities is granted to persons who have received a pedagogical education or relevant pedagogical qualifications; continuous improvement of their professional level and improve their skills at least once every 5 years “from January 14 to January 28, 2019 academic year, teachers of the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2” were trained in advanced training courses in pedagogy and psychology. The lesson was conducted under the guidance of Professor M. A. Altybaeva, A. Z. Zakirov, N. S. Shadiev, T. N. Umarov, A. B. Batyraliev. The main directions of the lectures were the basic concepts of pedagogy and psychology, interactive methods and principles of teaching, the psychology of learning and the person, the correct execution of documentation and the compilation of teaching materials. The following teachers improved their qualifications: A.K. Zhumaliev, B.O. Abdrakhmanov, assistant teachers F. S. Mamasadykova, S. A. Bakirov, V. D. Tursunova, A. Z. Tuybaev, Zh. A. Abdirasulova , A. Tilenov. During the lectures, teachers of the department were trained on the use of an interactive whiteboard during practical exercises, which will allow them to firmly grasp the information that is being received. At the end of the course, teachers successfully completed and defended their theses on specified topics and then received certificates.