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Friendship and mutual understanding visits



For all the time of functioning of the Indian center of Osh State University, a number of eminent political, public figures and cultural figures and formations of India visited it. Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi, the member of parliament of India, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi who met the faculty of university was the first distinguished guest and he transferred to the Indian center, complete works of his grandfather from 99 volumes.

Madam Kapilla Vatsayan took part in development of the training program of the Indian center – the head of the national center of arts of. Indra Gandhi university. The Osh state university was visited by Mr. Himachal Som – the director general of the Indian council for cultural ties of the government of India (ICCR). It allocated for necessary books, audio and video training materials, gave opportunity annually to direct on training and study in Postgraduate departments of universities of India of young specialists and the best students of Osh State University.


Visit of Indian delegation to Osh State University
Visit of Indian delegation to Osh State University



Mr. V. Ramaya took part in the opening ceremony of the Indian center – the minister of commerce of the government of India.

Professor of Delhi university of Jawaharlal Nehru Mr. Varyam Singh held presentation of his book on translation of the Kyrgyz epos “Manas” on Hindi, at Osh State University. 

Madam Kapilla Vatsayan in the Indian center, Work of the Indian center examined professor K. Varik – the head of the Himalaya cultural and research fund, the chairman of the center for researches Southern, Central and South East Asia of university of Jawaharlal Nehru and professor Devendra Kaushik – the chairman of executive council of Institute of Asian researches of Abul Kalam Azad with which the administration of Osh State University signed the memorandum of cooperation.

Also Indian center accepted the military attache over the countries of Central Asia of Embassy of India in Kazakhstan colonel Sharma, the representative of the EDURITE company (Bangolor) – the producer of electronic training materials professor R. K. Verma. Repeatedly scientists of Delhi universities of professor of Nirmal Joshi and Ratch Rein using services of the Indian center assembled of materials on culture, traditions of the people of Fergana Valley visited the center. With assistance of the Indian center assembled necessary 2007 of publication the book “On that the legend parties. Cultural distinctions of India and Kyrgyzstan. ” Representatives of the Indian Embassies in Tashkent and Astana examined more than once activities of the Indian center.

In 2009 the center was visited by the Indian scientists from different universities of India and group of engineers of the city of Bangolor – the technological center of India – concerning opening on the basis of Osh State University of the modern Kyrgyz-Indian center of new technologies. 

By ICCR invitation (the Indian council for cultural ties) India was visited also by heads of Osh State university – professor Beshimov B. Zh. academician Murzubraimov B. M., dean of faculty of the Russian philology professor Salakhitdinova N. K. director of the Indian center Omorkulov B. K. I took part in the international conference: “Central Asia: 10 years of independence”.