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Festival of Divali celebrated at International Medical Faculty Osh State University

The international medical faculty held a grandiose Diwali festival- “Festival of Lights”, one of the largest Hindu festivals, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Diwali – “Festival of Lights” symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. On the holiday colorful fireworks are arranged, traditional lamps are lit, gifts are given to friends and relatives. Gifts can be very different, but especially popular: sweets, religious attributes, silver and gold, new clothes and jewelry. A wonderful holiday, noted our students of the International Medical Faculty on October 19 at the restaurant “Remi” in the city of Osh. Dean, Professor Muratov Zhanibek Kudaybakovich traditionally began the evening with a congratulatory speech. Then the deputy dean for academic work Atabaev Ibrahim Nasyrovich on behalf of the faculty and all the teachers congratulated students on the holiday. The long-awaited concert was opened by dance group “Hanbiyke” with their national dance. At the festival, representatives of different nationalities were able to demonstrate their culture with dances, songs and traditions. And in the end, this kind of tradition of the meeting was completed with a general photo for memory.