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Department of Urology, Operational Surgery and Dermatovenerology


Chair of urology, operational surgery and dermatovenereology was created on the basis of medical faculty by order of the Rector Osh State University. In this chair 1 doctor of medical sciences, professor, 2 candidates of medical sciences, 1 senior teacher and 7 teachers work. The chair since 2001 on 2009 was headed by Professor Esekeev B.S. Under his management material base of the department was created, scientific relations with scientific centers of urology of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia are established.

In 2009 Head of the department was appointed Prof. Matazov B. A. On the department classes are conducted in urology, andrology, operational surgery, clinical pharmacology and  dermatovenerology to specialties General Medicine, pediatrics and stomatology. On chair scientific work on subject “Influence of ecological, infectious and regional factors on emergence of urological diseases and their treatment” is conducted. Under the leadership of Professor B.S.Esekeev 2 employees of chair Matazov B. A. and Zhunusov A.T. defended master’s dissertations on a subject: “Surgical treatment of kidney and stone disease and its rehabilitation with use of mineral water “Kara-Shoro” and “Development and Introduction of Low-invasive Interventions in Treatment — Destructive Diseases of Kidneys” by the Staff of chair is published by more than 100 scientific article, 1 monograph, 3 patents for inventions, 3 improvement suggestions and 5 methodical recommendations.

 On chair functions the scientific circles “Doctor” and “Intelligence” which teachers Burkanov A.E. direct. Atabayev T.K., Azhikulova V. S. and Uraimova K.R. The chair faculty actively participates at republican, international seminars, conferences and congresses. 2011 on 1-syezde urologists of Tajikistan professor Esekeev B. S. for a contribution of science of the Tajik Republic is awarded by the silver sign, let out to 20-year anniversary of independence of the Tajik Republic. Matazov B. A. Zhunusov A.T. Sharipova M. A. Ayykov I.K. received breast a sign of the excellent student of health care of the Kyrgyz Republic. Now by the staff of chair for increase of knowledge of students, classes to be given with application of high technology of training. The chair supports scientific communications with the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Kyrgyzko-Rossiysky Slavic University and Almaty State University, conducting joint scientific researches.