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Department of Public Health Care

The Public Health Care chair was created in 1993 with formation of medical faculty of Osh State University under the name “Organization of Health Care and Social Medicine”.  The chair name with introduction at specialty “Health Care Management” faculty in 1999 years the chair was renamed into “Public health care”.  From the moment of opening of the department, It was headed by Professor D.D.Risaliyev, then Associate professor K.A. Atakhanov.  Now chair is headed by Professor B. T. Orozbekova.  15 people work at chair, from them 3 doctors of medical sciences, 3 senior teachers, 9 teachers. 

      On chair students in “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Stomatology”, “Medico-preventive” are trained. In total on chair 17 disciplines, including “Public health care and health”, “Statistics”, “Medicine history”, “Epidemiology, microbiology, immunology and virology”, “Hygienic disciplines” are taught.

      Since 1996 the chair conducts research work on the subject “Studying of a Condition of Socially Caused Diseases and a Measure of Their Prevention in the Southern Region of the Kyrgyz Republic”.

      On the basis of chair are prepared and defended: 1 candidate (Mamayev T.M. 2004) and 2 doctoral (Orozbekova B. T. 2009, Mamayev T.M. 2010) theses.

Now 2 master’s theses are prepared. Two Postgraduate students are trained. From the moment of the organization of chair 6 monographs, 23 methodical grants and recommendations are published by 216 scientific articles. The chair established scientific connection with

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy,

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University,

Institute of hygiene and epidemiology of Kazakhstan,

NPO Profilakticheskaya meditsina of Kyrgyzstan,

the Center for control of infectious diseases of the USA,

Pasteur’s Institute of France, Irkutsk medical institute.