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Department of Oncology, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology

The chair of Oncology, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology of medical faculty Osh State University was organized by the order of the rector Osh State University (academician NAS KR Murzubraimov B. M.) No. 127 – B § 1 . The head of the department from the moment of the organization was: Doctor of medical sciences, professor Zhumabayev Amangeldi Rakhmadildeevich. In the staff of chair 11 employees work. From them: 1 – the doctor of medical sciences, with an academic status of professor; 2 candidates of medical sciences as the associate professor, from which 1 with an academic status of the associate professor; 2 candidates of medical sciences as teachers; 2 senior teachers; 3 teachers, 1 manager of an office.


On chair training of students of the IV-VI years in the specialty General Medicine, pediatrics, stomatology and medico-preventive is carried out. The chair conducts research work on a subject: “Epidemiological aspects of malignant tumors of female reproductive system of fertile age (cancer of a mammary gland, ovaries, necks of a uterus and thyroid gland). Under the leadership of professor Zhumabayev A.R. 5 master’s dissertations are defended: Ryspekova Ch.D. “Epidemiological aspects of malignant tumors at children in the Osh area of Kyrgyzstan” (KRSU, Bishkek, 2007); Samiyeva N. M. “Clinico-epidemiological characteristics and forecasting of cancer of  mammary gland” (KRSU, Bishkek, 2008); Sharipov A.A. “A choice of medical tactics at a cancer” (KRSU, Bishkek, 2008) ; Sagyndykova Ch.Zh. “Metastatic effects on an organ by cancer of a mammary gland” (KRSU, Bishkek, 2009); Gapyrova G. M. “Primary cancer of a liver in the Osh area of the Kyrgyz Republic” (KRSU, Bishkek, 2011). Staff of chair published more than 300 scientific articles, 1 monograph, 13 methodical recommendations and 6 educational and methodical grants. On chair scientific and student’s circles where all staff of chair (on subjects) takes part are carried out. The head of NIRS – к.м.н. associate professor of Ryspekov Chinar Darbekovn.