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Department of Neurology and Psychiatry


The chair “Neurology and psychiatry” was organized on February 17, 2003 by order of the rector of OShGU No. 16. From the period of opening of chair to today it the doctor of medical sciences, professor Yusupov Furkat Abdulakhatovich manages. Staff consisted of 10 employees, of them 2 candidates of medical sciences and 8 assistants. Now 17 employees work at chair: 2nd doctor of science; 1 candidate of science, associate professor; 3 senior teachers; 9 assistants and 2 auxiliary part which the manager of an office and the senior laboratory assistant is. On chair students on specialties are trained: “Medical business”, “Pediatric business”, “Medico-preventive business” and “Stomatologic business”, are taught to them disciplines: “Neurology”, “Psychiatry and narcology”, “Angionevrologiya”, “Professional diseases”, “Physical therapy”, “Medical physical culture and medical control”. Scientific direction of chair: subject “Vascular Diseases of a Brain”. On chair during its existence of 2005 under the leadership of the academician Murzaliyev A.M. I defended the doctoral dissertation on a subject: “The Kliniko-immunologichesky characteristic of defeat of nervous system at inflammatory rheumatic diseases” Yusupov F.A. and in 2009 under the leadership of professor Yusupov F.A. I defended the master’s dissertation on a subject: “Kliniko-immunologichesky features of neurologic manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis” Groshev S. A. Now 3 competitors work at chair.

{gallery}departments/neurology_and_psychiatry{/gallery} Since 2003-2011. staff of chair published the scientific works in many medical magazines, methodical grants for students of 4, 5 and 6 courses of medical faculty of OShGU were let out: the monograph – 1; articles – 125; theses – 22; manuals – 16; methodical grants – 18. International scientific relations of chair: KGMA (academician Murzaliyev A.M. professor Kitayev M. I. MD Kulov B. B.); KRSU (professor Sabirov I.S. associate professor Shleifer S.G.); KGMIP and personal computer (associate professor Toktomushev Ch.T. associate professor Turgunbayev D. D.); КазГНУ (professor Nurguzhayev E.S. MD Kayshibayev N. S., MD Kayshibayev G. S.); Tashkent GMA (professor Mirdzhurayev E.M. ) ; Novosibirsk GMU (professor Doronin B. M.); Ural GMA (assistant to chair of forensic medicine Boguta T.S. ) ; St. Petersburg GMA (professor Skoromets A.A. ) ; Moscow GMA (academician Gusev E.I. professor Rumyantseva S. A. ) ; NTs of neurology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (professor Piradov M. A. к.м.н. Domashenko M. A. )  . Staff of chair actively visits and participates at conferences, symposiums and at the congresses which are carried out in the territory of KR, also beyond its limits (Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and of river). Also on chair there is a scientific circle which is visited regularly by students of 4 and 5 courses, participants of a circle repeatedly took prizes at the student’s scientific conferences held in OShGU and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS.

From the moment of chair existence, got a job on chair to work graduates of medical faculty of OShGU ended it with honors: Groshev S. A. Samiyeva B. M., Abdykalykov N. With, and also Karimov U.A., Raimzhanov Z.R.Redzhapova N. A. Maksymova N. A. Anarbay at. N, Zhoobasarova D. Zh. Tursunkulova Ch.D. Some graduates of medical faculty work in the neighbor (the Russian Federation, Moscow, Petropavlovsk, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Republic of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan) and foreign countries (Turkey, Great Britain, France) in the sphere of neurology and they keep in contact with chair. Staff of chair studies each 5 years professional development in pedagogics and psychology of teaching and on separate specialties.