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Department of Natural and Scientific Disciplines

In 1993 Department of  “Chemical and biological disciplines” was created at medical faculty of the Osh State University.  All theoretical subjects 1 and 2 year entered it, Department was headed by Prof.  Dzhunusov A. D. 

In 1999 to year the chair was reformed on chair “Medico – biological disciplines” and department was headed by Prof. Abdyganiyev N. A. In 2002 the Department was renamed on chair “Natural-science disciplines”. The Doctor of Chemistry, professor Zh.K.Kamalov manages the department.

The personnel structure consists their 21 person, of them 1 Doctor of Chemistry, 5 candidates, 5 senior teachers, 5 teachers, 1 head of the laboratory, 1 manager of an office, 4 senior teachers.

Now on chair 4 laboratories and 2 educational offices on medical physics, 3 laboratories in chemistry, 3 educational offices in biology, 1 educational office on medical genetics and 4 educational offices on normal physiology function. Methodical seminars On chair are systematically carried out , results of scientific researches are discussed, techniques of carrying out researches are improved.

Staff of chair takes active part in the organization and carrying out scientific practical actions of medical faculty and the Osh State University, and also participates in conferences at republican and international levels. The priority direction scientific research activity of chair is development of a subject: “Synthesis and studying of properties of new biologically active agents and Physio-chemical researches of an organism”. On chair scientific and methodical work is actively carried out.

Teachers published monographs, scientific articles, scientific and methodical recommendations about chair subjects. Staff of chair makes reports at various scientific conferences, actively is engaged in scientific researches, widely involves in research work of students. Research work and scientific communications with other Higher education institutions of Kyrgyzstan and other countries is intensively carried out.