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Department of General Surgery

In 1993 in medical faculty the chair “Clinical disciplines” is organized, and in 1996 the chair “Surgical diseases” is organized, this chair in 2007 is renamed on chair “General surgery”.

      The chair “General surgery” is structural division of medical faculty of OShGU and is engaged in training of students to an etiology, патогенезу, clinic, diagnostics and to treatment of surgical patients. And also to carry out uchebno – methodical, scientific research and teaching and educational work. From 1993 to 2007 this chair was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Anarkulov Saydulla Fayzullayevich. At that time Anarkulov of Page F. I worked as the chief surgeon of the Osh area and I made a huge contribution in formation and development of chair and medical faculty. To chair are invited visible practical and scientists of the Osh city hospital, it is the chief surgeon of the city of Osh, the manager of surgical office No. 1 of the Osh city hospital, the candidate of medical sciences Mirzaraimov Torokhan Osmonovich, the manager No. 2 of surgical office, the candidate of medical sciences Bugubayev Abdimitalip Bugubayevich. Anarkulov’s scientific work as Page F. Mirzaraimov T.O.Posvyashchen’s scientific work is devoted to prevention of an endemichesky craw in the south of the Republic, and to prevention and treatment of a purulent infection in surgery, Bugubayev A.B. I developed methods of surgical treatment of sharp cholecystitis.

Since 2007 the chair is headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Rayymbekov O. R. He is the vice-president of association of “Coloproctologists” of the Kyrgyz Republic. On chair “General surgery” students of medical, pediatric, stomatologic office of medical faculty, on the following disciplines are trained: Care of surgical patients, general surgery, surgical diseases.

The faculty of chair consists of 11 otrudnik, of them 3 candidates of science and associate professors, 2 senior teachers.

The chair conducts scientifically – research work on the following directions, “Optimization of diagnostics and surgical treatment of the combined diseases of anorektalny area” a gosregistratsiiya No. 0005856 (the beginning 2009год the end 2014год), and “The analysis of the reasons and a comparative assessment compelled and planned ре and relaparotomiya”. Staff of chair received certificates KGMA BREEZE on 9 improvement suggestions which generally by a technique of carrying out surgeries and they are introduced in practice a number of medical institutions of the Republic. Vypushena of 22 methodical recommendations and 205 scientific article.

The chair conducts joint scientifically – research and scientific and methodical work as the MZKR National surgical center, chair “Propaedeutic surgery” of KGMA, the Russian Yaroslavl Medical Academy. In honor of 60-year anniversary of OShGU in 2011 16-17 – September chair in common chair “Propaedeutic Surgery” of KGMA carrying out Republican scientific and practical conference on the subject “Emergency Problems of Coloproctology”.


During the chair organization, employees defended the following master’s dissertations:

1  .  2001 Rayymbekov O. R. subject:  “Sharp парапроктит:  differential diagnostics and surgical treatment”. 

2 . 2005 Tuybayev Z.A. subject: “Tanatogenez and a tanatoterapiya of victims with “death of a brain”;

3 . 2008 Bekov T.A. subject: “Age features of growth of layers of a wall of a stomach from the birth to 21 years”;

4 . 2011 Ydyrysov I.T. subject: “The analysis of the reasons and a comparative assessment of results compelled and planned ре and relaparotomiya”.