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Department Automated Systems Management

Head of Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Azhykulov Saparbek Mazhitovich

Adress: 715600, Jalal-Abad, Lenin St. 57, building 2, audience 2/203
Phone:: (996-0322) 5-40-83
E-mail: [email protected]

Department of ACS opened in 1995. (order number 6-p from 05.29.94) and renamed the department “Automated control systems” in 2000.

Since the opening of the department until 2004, the department was headed by Ph.D., Professor N.ZH.Zhailobaev, in 2004-2005. Ph.D., Associate Professor A.P.Alibaev, in 2005-2007 Ph.D., associate professor A.K. Akmatov, in 2007-2009 senior teacher A.M.Termechikova, in 2009-2016 Ph.D., associate professor Z.I.Imankulov, in 2016 May-September, Ph.D., associate professor Z.A.Asilova, in 2016-2019. Ph.D., associate professor V.T. Muratalieva, since February 2019 (by order 1/117 of 02.22.2019) the Ph.D. Azhykulov Saparbek Mazhitovich.

Educational activities

Currently, the department of automated control systems provides training on

the direction 710100 Informatics and computer engineering (bachelor);
Direction 552801.02 “Automated information processing and control systems”.

The department provides training courses:

Computer Architecture
Designing ASOIU
Architecture ASOIU
Basics of Computer Aided Design
Electronics, electrical and schematics
Design and development of information systems
Digital and microprocessor technology
Computers and peripherals
Operating Systems
Development of client-server applications
Networks and Telecommunications

Centers, classrooms, laboratories

At the department there is one educational-methodical cabinet, one lecture and multimedia room, laboratory room “Information Processing and Management” named after Tursunbek Bekbolotov.


The department includes:

7 full-time teachers, 5 part-time teachers.

Qualitative composition: Doctors of Sciences – 1. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Candidates of Sciences – 4, senior lecturers -2.

List of faculty members

Usenov Kezeshbek Zhumabekovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Venera Muratalieva, Ph.D., associate professor, head of the department
Asilova Zulfiya Atamyrzaevna, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Nusupova Roza Sarypbekovna, Ph.D., and. assistant professor
Azhykulov Saparbek Mazhitovich, Ph.D., and. assistant professor

Educational and methodical work

Teachers of the department prepared textbooks, educational, teaching and visual aids for the disciplines assigned to the department. The laboratory room of the department is equipped with more than 100 laboratory rooms for conducting computer science classes and for academic disciplines – Bachelor of “Computer Science and Computer Engineering”. When conducting classes, visual material is used (stands, tables, CDs, video films). The laboratories of the department are equipped with the necessary equipment (PC, interactive board, projectors).

Research work (SRW)

The research work of the department is conducted in the direction of “Information technology in training”, “Renewable energy sources”. Currently, the department has 1 doctoral student, 2 applicant.

Main publications of the department

Scientific publications:

Raev Z.ZH. Control algorithm for signal processing in discrete servo systems, university name S. Demirel. Bulletin, №2,2014, Almaty.
Raev Z.ZH. The use of QR codes in solving applied problems. // Republican scientific-practical conference “Ilim jean uluttuk economics”, April 22, 2015, Jalal-Abad, JASU, KR.
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Participation in conferences, symposia and seminars

RaevZ.ZH.PolzovaniyaQR-codes in solving applied problems. // Republican scientific-practical conference “Ilim Zhana uluttuk economics”, 2015, Jalal-Abad, ZhASU, Kyrgyz Republic.
Kanetova D.E. Antimonopoly Administration under the Government of the KR, “Development of the state through quality education” conference.
Kanetova D. International Conference of the Kyrgyz National University “Cooperation in the field of higher education between the Kyrgyz Republic and the European Union.”
Kanetova D., TermechikovA. “Ilim Jana Uluttuk Economics”, Scientific and Practical
conference (04.22.15.).

Z.I. Imankulov. Registration of tidal deformations of the earth’s surface with continuous laser monitoring of the stress-strain state of the earth’s crust. // Republican scientific-practical conference “Ilim Zhanauluttuk Economy”, April 22, 2015, Jalal-Abad, ZhASU, Kyrgyz Republic.
RaevZ.ZH.PolzovaniyaQR-codes in solving applied problems. // Republican Scientific and Practical Conference “Ilim Zhanaultuk Economy”, April 22, 2015, Jalal-Abad, Zhagu, Kyrgyz Republic.
Raeva B.Zh., Sulaimanova M. ZhODZhordordokokuuprotsessindezhaymayalmyattyktekhnologiyaylardykoldonu, Osh, “Nazarovdukokuu” scientific conference, April 4, 2015
Z.I. Imankulov, D.M.Rasulova. Infrared helium-neon laser with a transverse microwave discharge in a magnetic field. // Scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Issyk-Kul State University. K.Tynystanova “Harmonization of science and education in the modern conditions of globalization and integration”, June 12-13, 2015 Karakol, the Kyrgyz Republic.

The international cooperation

The department maintains scientific and educational relations with leading universities of the near and far abroad:

National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek
Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Bishkek
Polytechnic University, Russia. Nizhny Novgorod
Uzbek National University named after M. Ulugbek, Tashkent
Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov, Bishkek
Kyrgyz State University of Construction and Transport, Bishkek
Osh State University, Osh
Osh State Technical University, Osh

As part of a cooperation agreement concluded between universities of the Kyrgyz Republic, students of the specialty “Computer science and computing” can study for one semester at any university of the Kyrgyz Republic.