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Conference on the project PAWER program of the European Union Erasmus +

From 25-26 June, the Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine hosted a conference on the Erasmus + program of the European Union program, which included representatives from universities in Central Asia. The rector of the institute Khudainazar Yunusov delivered a welcoming speech to the participants.

Representatives of Osh State University project coordinator Erlan Kamalov and head of the international relations department Semetey Amiraliev presented a presentation on the activities of the university association on the organization of academic mobility “Osh Declaration”. I must say that the information aroused the interest of the participants and the desire to join the association. At the forum, the master class “Questions of student mobility and the organization of the exchange of students from different universities” was presented by Professor of the English University Middlesex, George Defolast. He also introduced the work of his electronic system on the organization of mobility. The participants discussed issues on drafting an agreement between universities on the organization of academic mobility of students and other issues of joint activities.