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Competition held among second year students of the International Medical Faculty Osh State University

On December 11, the International Medical Faculty at the Department of Public Health and Healthcare hosted the Olympiad among 2nd-year students on Microbiology. 4 groups participated: 1. Pathogens 2. Antony 3. Immunobacters 4. Virus students from different groups. The jury consisted of: Ph.D., Associate Professor Ismayilova Raikan Apzhaparovna, lecturer of the Department “Public Health and Public Health” Abdimomunova BT. The Olympiad was held in 3 stages: 1-stage: Present your team, explain the name of the team. 2-stage: The teams answered the questions submitted by the jury to the 3 rd stage: Description of the methods staining by the authors and preparation of nutrients by the number. (the teams asked each other 3 questions). Result: With the result of 15.7 b the first place was awarded to the team “Pathogens”, 2nd place “Antony” -12.8, 3rd place was taken by the team “Immunobacters” -12.7 b, 4th place “Virus” -11.5 b – For the first place, the Pathogens team was given certificates and 40 points on the exam. – For the 2nd place, the “Antony” team was given certificates and 30 points for the 2nd module. – For 3rd place certificates were issued to the team “Immunobacters”.