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Competition among the 4th year students on the subject of “facultative surgery” on the topic “surgical diseases”

In order to motivate and increase interest in the subject on May 10, 2018, the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2 held a competition among 4-year students on the subject of “facultative surgery” on “surgical diseases”. Participated 2 teams of 5 students. The first team called “wisdom stars” and the second team “PNJ” For all the tasks of the competition, the students prepared with great responsibility: The Olympiad program: 1. Greeting (emblem and team name) 2. Presentation and demonstration – 10 points 3. Tests – 20 points 4. Situational challenge – 5 points During the competition, participants showed excellent knowledge of the subject and acting skills. The jury’s decision was won by the team “PNJ” having accumulated 27 points. Winners and losers were released from 2 modules with the award of 30 points. The organizers of the contest were teachers on the subject “facultative surgery” Ph.D. Said Ali Abbas Rakhat and Abdirayimov IS