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Business trip to a state higher education institution in Iran.

December 17-18, Dean of the International Medical Faculty, Acting Professor Muratov Zhanibek Kudaybakovich made a familiarization business trip to a state higher educational institution in Iran. Which is the main building of the university located in Semnan. He also visited the Kosar hospital in Iran, which was built in 2012 and is a multidisciplinary institution equipped with the latest medical equipment, designed for 200 beds. The hospital occupies a green area of ​​3700 square meters in an 11-story building. The hospital structure includes: a round-the-clock hospital with 128 specialized, 32 resuscitation and 15 postoperative beds; diagnostic and treatment department, which includes rooms. Representatives of the university expressed their gratitude for the visit and hope for further, fruitful cooperation.