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Anatomicum, 2020, April: Preparation for the organization of intermediate control in the context of online training #STAY_AT_HOME

From April 20 to April 25, 2020, according to the schedule of the educational process, modules will be held in the disciplines of the department. In this regard, at the next online meeting of the department, forms of intermediate control were discussed. T.R. Payzildaev prepared a report on the experience of organizing test control on the example of the discipline “Human physiology”. In his speech, he noted the universal accessibility of the Google classroom platform to use test control. The method is quite objective and provides a real opportunity to assess the knowledge of students in online learning. This opinion was also expressed by Associate Professor N.M. Tashmatova, demonstrating materials on the example of the discipline “Human histology”. There were suggestions to use other forms of online control. Thus, the department decided – to all teachers of the relevant disciplines to prepare modular materials and organize intermediate control using the following types of electronic platforms – ZOOM and WhatsApp (for front-end survey) and Google classroom (for test control).