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“According to the concept of development of Osh State University for 2019-2024, it intends to enter the TOP-700 universities in the world.”

Osh State University has undergone significant changes in recent years, including:

  • Every year, 2,500 to 3,000 soms are added to teachers’ salaries.
  • More than 1,500 students on academic mobility are improving their knowledge in the near and far abroad under the programs “Mevlana”, “DAAD”, “SCO”, “Erasmus +”, as well as bilateral agreements.
  • In the study “Independent ranking of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic 2019” Osh State University took first place in the general ranking.
  • BIOM Environmental Movement opens a center for creating a safe educational environment.
  • A modern universal sports park has been established on the Ak-Buura campus.
  • The new educational building of the Industrial Pedagogical College of Osh State University is nearing completion.
  • A 2-storey, 2-storey building on the Ak-Buura campus will open its doors for the new school year.
  • The red ribbon of the new modern sports complex located at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Physical Education was cut and put into operation.
    There are special cash prizes for the winners of the Olympics, international festivals and international sports competitions.
  • The $ 1,200 scholarship, which was previously awarded annually to the top 5 students, has increased by 10 students this year.
  • The traditional scholarship of the Academic Council in the amount of 5,000 soms is awarded to 22 students.
    Access to the dormitory has been electronic and video surveillance has been installed in all dormitories. Admission to the dormitory has started online.
  • In accordance with modern requirements, the “Reading Room” and “Recreation” rooms in the dormitories were renovated and put into operation.
  • The task is to transform our university into a “University of Digital Technologies”, to create a “Safe University”, to obtain the status of “Environmental University”, to achieve a university with “high social responsibility”.
  • The tasks are to change the quality of education, the content of science, improve academic mobility, multilingual education, change curricula in accordance with the requirements of employers, increase accountability