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The duty of science, education and the boat!

Denise was difficult to draw a boat to knowledge, science, space is a very tataal.Studentterdin scientific concept of KD1 department to improve students’ scientific works in progress. Clubs scientific and plans are established. Accusations against him, entitled “Literary writing serebterinin ways for students interested in science. 31.10.19j regular workshops took place  

WEEK module

Courses in the first module 3, 4,5,6-courses started in the second module for the week. The subject of the lecture for the accumulation of bonus points VB2 tekşkruugo 5-year students on the test papers. Quizzes framework of the three options, each with a 10 question. These are questions that the department has approved revised guidelines keneşmesinde.

Do you know your blood type?

Students of the department of HDT, together with the teacher Saed Ali Abbas in the discipline “Surgical Diseases” during the lesson on the topic “Blood Transfusion” determine the blood group. Using the anti-A cyclicolon, anti-B and Anti-D super (monoclonal antibodies). They study the Algorithm and the procedure for determining the blood group, decipher the results of […]

Active work with kurastor groups

The curator of the group is the most necessary and useful person for you in the life of a student. Teachers of the department of HDT are in close contact with curatorial groups in order to successfully work on creating a united, organized team and friendly relations. During the conversation with students, teachers tried to find an […]

Department of Social Humanitarian Disciplines October, 2019: A diagnostic test was conducted at the MMF

On October 25, 2019, teachers of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines of the International Medical Faculty of Osh State University conducted a diagnostic test in Kyrgyz, Russian, and English. The diagnostic test was carried out in order to identify before the start of training a real level of students’ knowledge, in accordance with which […]

“ANATOMICUM”, in October 2019, reported: SCIENTIFIC

October 17-19, 2019, international lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine of the University in the city of Cholpon-Ata “Medical innovations in the field of science and education,” International scientific-practical conference. At the conference “Senior teacher, normal anatomy, histology and physiology” MK Nuruyev “Ethnic boys and girls body composition bioimpedanstık indicators” has made a scientific report on the […]