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A professor from Germany JASU

Jalal-Abad State University welcomed the scientist Professor Peter English and German university professor and graduate students from the Faculty of Philology “Language, ethnicity, and belonging. According to the report, the meeting was organized by the International Relations Department of the scientist Professor Peter JSU and the city of Frankfurt Oder.


The “Open Doors” event organized by the College of Jalal-Abad under the supervision of the Department of Internal Affairs was held. The modern police informed the students about the history of the police,  new laws and procedure. Th JASU organized the 95-year anniversary of the police named as “Open Doors” day.  

NEWS Kyrgyz-Chinese marked “the day of the Confucius Institute at the Faculty”

The acting Rector of the University, Kudaiberdi Theo, participated in the events on the Chinese language and congratulated the whole community. The ceremony which was held by the students reflected the customs of the Chinese people.  The talented young people executed singing and dancing programmes.  To check the quality of students’ education regarding the Chinese […]

JASU students were awarded prizes

Jalal-Abad college students rehearsed the “emergency” major “risk prevention and elimination of consequences of accidents. The event, this year on September 20 with the participation of Minister of Emergency Situations was organized by the Jalal-Abad regional administration. Students demonstrated their activities in emergency tents and exercised the harvesting methods. Minister of Emergency Situations participated in […]

Kyrgyz language – people who are in red ink

On September 13, 2019, within the framework of the decade of education and information technologies, the  30th anniversary of the Jalal-Abad State University on the adoption of the law regarding the state language of the Kyrgyz Republic was celebrated by the Language Department  and the participation of students of economics and law departments of the […]