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On the basis of the Agreement on international cooperation dated January 21, 2019, Ph.D. of the Department of Economics of the Institute of Mardan Saparbayeva Shymkent 1-16, Ph.D. Demeubaeva Akmaral Ospanovna on May 24, 2019, held a guest lecture on the topic “Leadership and Management in the Global World” at the Department “Finance and Credit” of the […]


From June 13 to 15, 2019, a training seminar entitled “Methodology of research work” was held in the main building of Osh State University and in the Ak-Buura recreation area. A lot of young teachers took part in it, such as Busurmankul Kyzy Meerim, Murad Kyzy Aidana – the teachers of the department of the […]

“Training and practice of laboratory skills in microscopy”

From June 10 to June 14, a guest lecture on the subject “Training and practice of laboratory skills in microscopy” was held at the International Medical Faculty with professor and head of laboratory at the University of Cadiz (Spain) Jose Lopez-Cepero. The lecture covered the following issues: 1 The microscopic method. Planning observations and design experiments. 2 Histological […]

University created a commission to optimize the structure of the structural

Osh State University, in order to meet the legal requirements to optimize structural structures, chairs, started its work on the commission.Chairman of the Commission is to improve the knowledge and pedagogical director of the Center for cancer conference. Members of the educational-informational rallies, Brian, Director of Planning and Financial Department, the Department of Abdykerimov average, […]

Italian in Osh State University

Professor of Psychology at the State University of Florence visited Osh State University. From June 11 to 13, Dr. Fatos Dingo stayed at the university, gave guest lectures, gave master classes to students and undergraduates of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Physical Culture and shared experience with teachers. In addition, during a meeting with the leadership […]