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Happy Defender of the Fatherland!

On the eve of the holiday of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the curators of groups 16-17-19 groups organized a small event at the department and congratulated the boys on the holiday. We explained the significance of this holiday for us, about the glorious and tragic moments of wars in which our country participated, […]

Teachers of the department of clinical disciplines, 2, in the process of pedagogical training

Improve the pedagogical skills of teachers, to improve the professional skills of professionals to improve entrepreneurial skills, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge in order to upgrade the department faculty 2018-2019- school year on January 14-24, the President of the Academy of Public Education Fund A. Boston, vocational education kompetenttuuluk approach to using technology […]

Open lesson Azhimamatovoy RM

In order to exchange experience and improve the quality of teaching, the teacher of the department “Clinical Disciplines 1” conducted an open lesson. The main goal was to focus on the “Student-centered teaching method”, which is in demand in the modern educational field. Role-playing and group games were conducted to involve all students, as well […]

World AIDS Day

December 1, 2018 in honor of the day of the World Fight against Aids, teachers of the Department of Clinical Disciplines 1 Barbyshov I.Zh. and Turdaliev S.O. conducted familiarization with students of the hostel №1. We discussed and distributed informational materials about possible ways of transmission, symptoms, periods, societies with groups at risk of AIDS. […]

Top ranking medical universities in Kyrgyzstan

Top ranking medical universities in Kyrgyzstan

Top ranking medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are: Osh State University Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Jalal-Abad State University Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University Asian Medical Institute International School of Medicine These universities are licensed and recognized by Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyzstan and accredited by accreditation agencies. These universities are listed in World Directory of Medical […]