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Student of IMF won the 1st place

Student of IMF Baby Ajay Cristaldo won the 1st place in competition on running race at a distance of 100-200 meters organized by the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of Osh among universities. A special thanks to the coach, teacher of Department SHD Tayirbek uulu Erlan. Congratulations !

Student of IMF took 2nd place

Rukesh Lokare,the 3rd year student of IMF took the 2nd place in the Internet-Olymdiad on Russian language for foreign students organized by the south Ural State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University,Russia. He was awarded the diploma for 2d place and the statue/cup with the winner’s name. The supervisor is Gaipova A.N

The use of active learning technologies at the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2

The use of modern active technologies and teaching methods at the department helps students to master practical skills, consolidate knowledge on this issue, and improves the quality of training of specialists at the international medical faculty. institutions, role-playing games, case studies, work in small groups, presentations, watching and discussing videos, etc. For example: Binary lectures […]

The authorized representative of the Osh region Jılkıbaev UK International Medical Faculty

October 17, 2018, the authorized representative of the Osh region Jılkıbaev Uzarbek Kazievich International Medical Faculty of Osh State University, visited a number of educational buildings and visited the clinic. On the progress of the learning process for media, rector, Professor Isakov Abduvasitoviç and International Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Muratov Jınıbek Kudaybakoviçter information.

“In a healthy body healthy mind”.

Led by the director of the clinic of Osh State University Kalmatov R. K., the school of professors G. Belova, as well as the teacher and post-graduate student of the Department of Pathology, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, the International Medical Faculty of Osh State University Ka. organized a fitness training for foreign students. The idea […]