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IMF celebrated the State Language Day

On September 20 the International Medical Faculty celebrated the State Language Day. The students of the faculty took part in the big celebration, which showed their skills in songs, dances and other kinds of folk art. At the celebrations, the head of the Department of “Clinical Disciplines №1” Mamatova Sabira Mirzaevna, who noted the importance […]

The choice of representatives of the MMF at the big Academic Council of Osh State University

On September 17, a general expanded faculty meeting was held at the international medical faculty to select a representative for the large Academic Council with the presence of all faculty members. Chairman of the Organizing Committee Dean Muratov Zh.K. members of org. Committee Ysmailova R.A., Atabaev I.N., Lawyer- Pataev S., Scientific Secretary- Kochkonbaeva SI Was […]

September 15 –

IMF joined the world action “World clean-up day” in which more than 150 countries and 380 million people around the world participate !!! On September 15, faculty members together with their students cleaned the area along the Ak-Bura river from the medical faculty to the bridge of the Ugo-Vostok. The Ak-Bura river was completely cleaned […]

Teachers of the English language of the International Medical Faculty actively participated in the training ” Teachers Helping Teachers»

At the Faculty of World Languages and Cultures of Osh State University was an international workshop “Teachers helping teachers” for English language instructors of the southern region of Kyrgyzstan. Trainings about modern teaching methods was conducted by specialists from the USA, England, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.

Knowledge day in IMF and MF

In Osh State University on September 1 was meeting with freshmen, who entered the medical faculty. The meeting was held by the Vice-Rector Abduvaliev Abdygany Osmonovich. He wished freshmen success and told about the history of medicine and expressed the hope that within the walls of the faculty will grow specialists who will glorify Kyrgyzstan. […]