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” The parable”

With the recommendation of the International Medical Faculty of the University of the head of the chair of the department of clinical disciplines, 1 professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, SM Mamatovaga many years of productive work, organized by the Public Fund, the nation ” The parable of the Kyrgyz Republic was awarded with medals.

Methodical seminar

On the 19th of June, 2018 at the department of the SHD there was organized and conducted a methodical seminar on the following topics: senior teacher Dyykanbaeva R.B. “Types of perception”, senior teacher Zhusubaliyeva M.T. “organization of the CPC”, senior teacher Mamatova A.B. “Work on the text. They discussed the issues of teaching methodology, organization of […]

Convocation Day

The Convocation Day was truly a momentous occasion on an unprecedented scale for International Medical Faculty, Osh. The Graduation ceremony and the farewell celebrations was held on Saturday, 9th June, 2018. The venue was in very own convocation hall in the main campus of Osh State University. The Chief Guest for The Day was the […]

Academy Program opportunities

Head of the Department of SHD, Associate Professor Ysmailova R.A. made a presentation on the topic “Academy Program opportunities» before the teachers of the department. She shared information received during trainings in Malaysia, the role of universities in society, the impact of teachers on changes in society, the rights of students, including modern educational processes.


Head of Department of Social-Humanitarian Disciplines docent Ysmailova R.A. participated in the Program Academia on 14-22 May, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ACADEMIA program was launched with the aim to strengthen the capacity of university faculty in teaching and research that will provide sustainable development to the education sector in NAMA Foundation’s country of focus. […]