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The international medical faculty hosted a meeting of students with the Indian ambassador.

On January 30, 2018, the students of the International Medical Faculty met with the Indian Ambassador. First the second secretary Rakesh Verma and Mr. Vijay singh-Attache met with the Dean of the International Medical Faculty, Professor Zh.K. Muratovoi. The Indian guests were told about their studies at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute and the opportunities for […]

Life is equal to the Universe

On December 12, 2017, the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines of the MMF organized and held an artistic and musical event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the great world-famous writer Ch. Aitmatov. Students of the 1st course staged scenes from the works of Ch. Aitmatov, speeches with monologues of heroes of works such […]

Competition held among second year students of the International Medical Faculty Osh State University

On December 11, the International Medical Faculty at the Department of Public Health and Healthcare hosted the Olympiad among 2nd-year students on Microbiology. 4 groups participated: 1. Pathogens 2. Antony 3. Immunobacters 4. Virus students from different groups. The jury consisted of: Ph.D., Associate Professor Ismayilova Raikan Apzhaparovna, lecturer of the Department “Public Health and […]

In the International Medical Faculty there was a competition among students of the 3-year course.

In the International Medical Faculty, the Department of Public Health and Healthcare hosted a competition among 3-course students in the discipline “General Hygiene”. Two groups participated. The number of the group was 10 people. The students were very active, they showed videos, presentations on the topics “Air pollution” and “Soil pollution”. Committee member UMC representative […]

Visit of the hostels

December 6, 2017, Dean of the International Medical Faculty, headed by Dean Muratova Zh.K. visited hostels, where foreign students live. This is the hostel № 3 at Osh State University, philharmonic society, “Mango”, “Pod Arch”, “Sakura”, “medical faculty”. Checked the cleanliness and order in the kitchen, in the corridors revealed the following problems as some […]

Licensing inspection held at International Medical Faculty Osh State University

By order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. The international medical faculty of Osh State University passed a licensing examination in accordance with the program of higher professional education. Members of the commission: Asilbek Topgubayevich Baigazakov – dms, associate professor of KGMIiPK, chief physician of the medical clinic “YURFA”, chairman […]

Dedication day

November 18, 2017 at 14:00 pm OUDTda 1 of the International Medical Faculty of the University for students ‘First Call’ was held. The upper course of the faculty at the ceremony, students applying to the vice-chancellor, University Professor AO Abduvaliev, deputy dean for academic affairs, Efimov Atabaev, social sciences and humanities disciplines, PhD, head of […]

Festival of Divali celebrated at International Medical Faculty Osh State University

The international medical faculty held a grandiose Diwali festival- “Festival of Lights”, one of the largest Hindu festivals, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Diwali – “Festival of Lights” symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. On the holiday colorful fireworks are arranged, traditional lamps are lit, gifts are given to friends […]

Meeting with first year students

October 13-14 there were meetings with first-year students. The members of the youth committee prepared a detailed presentation. Information was presented on the educational process, on internal regulations, on sports and cultural events. With a congratulatory speech were made by the dean of the international medical faculty Muratov Zh.K., the deputy dean for academic work […]