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New year celebrations at International Medical Faculty Osh State University

On Wednesday, December 27, the International Medical Faculty celebrated the “New Year” at the “Kasiyet” restaurant. The organizers of the corporate department were “Public Health and Public Health”, the total number of teachers was 100 people. Dean, Professor Muratov Zhanibek Kudaybakovich traditionally began the evening with a congratulatory speech. Then the deputy dean for educational […]

Seminar on scientific research work

On December 20, a seminar was held at the International Medical Faculty, which was devoted to research and development. The seminar was organized on the initiative of the SRS Department. At the seminar, a professor from the Nazarbayev University of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part and shared his experience in research work and stressed […]

Best Lecturer of the year

In the international medical faculty, the lecturer Irisov Askar Paizuldaevich, in the discipline “Internal Diseases 4” for the students of the 6th year, held an open lesson at the “Best Lecturer of the Year” competition from the “Clinical Disciplines No. 1” department. The open lesson was attended by the deputy dean for the academic part […]

In the International Medical Faculty, the Department of Clinical Disciplines-2 held a competition among third-year students.

In order to increase interest in the subject and motivation of students. December 15 this year at the Department of “Clinical Disciplines-2” in the subject “Propaedeutics of Children’s Diseases” held a competition among third-year students. Participated 2 teams of 11 participants. The first team called “Sfygmos” and the second team “Rediatros”. At all stages of […]

In the international medical faculty, at the department of “СГД”, an Olympiad among 1st-year students was organized.

From December 11 to December 15, 2017 at the International Medical Faculty Osh State University teachers of the department “SRS” organized and conducted an Olympiad in the subjects of Latin, Russian, Kyrgyz, English among first-year students. With the best wishes of success, the head of the department, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Ismayilova RA, spoke […]