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Lecturer of the Department of morphological disciplines daughter of Kamal Unchain graduate school at the University of Jena in Germany.

Lecturer of Anatomy kafedasının Kamal’s daughter Unchain morphological disciplines at the University of Jena in Germany this summer, “Molecular Medicine”, attended summer school. During summer school, he was selected for a one-year graduate school. Kamal’s daughter Unchain Alex Markus Franz, a professor and director of science at the university brand. Osh scientific director Professor Belov, […]

Professor Werner Ch.Nawrocki from the University of Frankfurt, Germany plans to read the weekly lectures on rehabilitation

    At the invitation of the Department of German Language FMYA in Osh State University came to a prominent scientist from Germany. According to the planned program, Professor Werner Ch.Nawrocki, met with the rector of the Osh State University, Professor KA Isakov, director of the medical clinic, assistant professor JK Muratov, and the dean […]

Information handbook for fresher

Tutors and advisors of international medical faculty released the first in the history of the university, information and orientation for first-year book in English. It contains information about the university, the faculty, the organization of the educational process, student life, frequently used phrases in Kyrgyz and Russian language, location and market prices, the climate of […]

Started music circle “Komuz – IMF”

      In order to promote the Kyrgyz art tools, as well as adaptation of foreign students to the Kyrgyz culture, as part of the Faculty of the work plan for 2016-17 academic year, the international medical faculty began its work of musical and artistic circle “Komuz – IMF”. Teachers are known komuzist Shabdanov […]

Lecturer “morphological disciplines” Kamal gizi regulates, go to Jena University, Germany to study at Masters

  Teacher anatomy Kamal gizi regulates, last summer held a summer school on “Molecular Medicine” at the University of Jena, Germany. During the school year, she was selected for study in master’s degree for a period of 1-year. Supervisor at the University Friedrich Schiller, Professor Marcus and Alex Franz Berndt. Head of Research at Osh […]


On October 10, the International Medical Faculty dekanatı, volunteers and 1 tyutorlor Bees held two-hour talks. At the meeting, the tutor, the international features of the educational process in the Faculty of Medicine, University of domestic policy, the mass cultural events held in the city of Osh, gave information about the rules you earn your […]