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STUDENTS AWARD CEREMONY 2016 was held on the 29th of September, 2016 in the campus of the International Medical Faculty with full support and enthusiasm of the students. Along with that took place the formation of the New Structure of the Youth Committee and Students’ Ombudsman Committee and plans for the next academic session were […]

Foreign students took an active part in the events dedicated to the Day of the Kyrgyz language

As part of the activities scheduled for the Day of the Kyrgyz language, the international medical faculty held an evening dedicated to this holiday. At the festival, foreign students from different courses, recited poems, proverbs, folk wisdom, singing well-known Kyrgyz songs, danced Kyrgyz folk dances. The best rooms were selected for presentation at the scene […]

Tutors and volunteers familiarized newcomers students to the campus of the “Ak-Buura”

According to the program of adaptation and orientation activities, the international students of the Medical Faculty were introduced to the campus faculty. Tutor – teacher of normal physiology – Payzuldaev Timur, gigieny- Abdimomunova Begimai, volunteer – Schoolgirl 11- class “Olympus” Aigul. . Conducted outreach work on the operating mode of the Faculty, the start of […]

Welcome of Indian students at Osh Airport by Osh State University.

September 18 tutors of international medical faculty -Ashimov Urmat- head tutors, Ismailov Imetkul, Kurmanbaev Nurzhigit volunteers – student 5 – year medical faculty Joroev Aymeerim, Azimbaev Kutman student 5th year, the chairman of the Youth Committee – Boykunta Hazarikhi, student ombudsman – Piyush Mishra, met students from India in the international airport of the city […]

International scientific-practical conference “Public Health and Health KYRGYZSTAN: THE ROOTS, THE STATE AND PROSPECTS”

International School of Medicine, the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. IK Ahunbaeva, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. BN Yeltsin spends December 2, 2016 the scientific and practical conference with international participation “Public Health and Health KYRGYZSTAN: ORIGINS, Status and Prospects”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary from the date of birth of the doctor of medical sciences, Professor AA […]