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Department of General Surgery

In 1993 in medical faculty the chair “Clinical disciplines” is organized, and in 1996 the chair “Surgical diseases” is organized, this chair in 2007 is renamed on chair “General surgery”.       The chair “General surgery” is structural division of medical faculty of OShGU and is engaged in training of students to an etiology, […]

Department of Neurology and Psychiatry

  The chair “Neurology and psychiatry” was organized on February 17, 2003 by order of the rector of OShGU No. 16. From the period of opening of chair to today it the doctor of medical sciences, professor Yusupov Furkat Abdulakhatovich manages. Staff consisted of 10 employees, of them 2 candidates of medical sciences and 8 […]

Department of Public Health Care

The Public Health Care chair was created in 1993 with formation of medical faculty of Osh State University under the name “Organization of Health Care and Social Medicine”.  The chair name with introduction at specialty “Health Care Management” faculty in 1999 years the chair was renamed into “Public health care”.  From the moment of opening […]

Department of Natural and Scientific Disciplines

In 1993 Department of  “Chemical and biological disciplines” was created at medical faculty of the Osh State University.  All theoretical subjects 1 and 2 year entered it, Department was headed by Prof.  Dzhunusov A. D.  In 1999 to year the chair was reformed on chair “Medico – biological disciplines” and department was headed by Prof. […]

Normal and Topographical Human Anatomy

Today the chair is equipped with sufficient material base. Disciplines are taught on the separate floor of the 4-storeyed educational campus equipped with educational classes, laboratories: educational auditoriums – 6, a section hall – 2, a Radiological Anatomy hall, the museum, preparatory and the mortuary room. The quantity of the presented evident preparations, stands and […]

Pakistan Center Jinnah

Manas Jinnah Foundation Osh Kyrgyzstan Pakistan Center Jinnah Manas Jinnah Foundation is an organization responsible for administration of Pakistan Center Jinnah located at main campus Osh State University.It was established in 2001.The Pakistan Centre Jinnah was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Pakistan to Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Habib-ur-Rahman. Manas Jinnah Foundation is highly respected by the […]

Decree of the President

Decree of the President, Republic of Kyrgyzstan   About reorganisation of the Osh State Pedagogical Institute to Osh State University.Considering necessity of acceptance of additional measures on Socio-economic and to cultural development of the south of the Republic Kyrgyzstan,increasing requirements of this region for the preparation of highly qualified specialists and the scientific staff, I […]