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🏛️About 400 white-collar teachers and residents of Osh State University work with doctors

🔵More than 180 white-collar teachers, about 200 students, residents work in the faculties of medicine, international medicine, postgraduate medical education, medical colleges of Osh State University in Osh, Kara-Suu, Uzgen, Nookat, Aravan districts of Osh oblast, Batken and Jalal-Abad. In Abad oblasts, they work in observations, isolation, posts (airport, border, etc.), reception points, sanitary and epidemiological stations, medical institutions.

🔵At the end of March, on behalf of the Rector of Osh State University, professors of Osh State University, the best infectious disease specialists Tugolbay Mamaev and Imamnazar Taichiev held a seminar on “Algorithmic measures to combat coronavirus COVID-19”. The line was organized and 58 staff members of the medical faculty received special training. They are ready to provide services in case of need, as a reserve staff.

🔵OshSU, as one of the universities that trains doctors who serve the country, is ready to support the community in any situation, not to be left out of society. Currently, each structure organizes flash mobs on social networks to thank doctors. The community also transferred 700,000 soms from a day’s salary to a special account at the Osh City Hall.

🔵Doctors, residents thank you and salute you! Please be careful. Osh State University is always ready to support you.

Press service of Osh State University