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Student 1 -year student Atheerth Chandran invented modernized stethoscope

Atheerth Chandran, a student from India, who is trained in the international medical faculty personally invented a computerized form of a conventional stethoscope. With this Divays, he plans to listen to heart sounds from their classmates. This unit allows playback of heart sounds through the speakers, and you can use it as a showcase for all gruppu.Kachestvo so.und rather high, which allows to distinguish between abnormal noises. According to the vice-dean for science, senior lecturer Turusbekova A.K.- The next step is to conduct research among students, with the help of this machine. Atheerth Chandran was in India in the development of innovative instruments and technologies, reported in the department2015-12-2717.27.13 2015-12-2717.28.05 AwardGettingfromourFormerIndianPresidentDr.APJAbdulKalamsir IMG-20151221-WA0000 latest3