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At the international medical faculty held official events to the Day of Medical Worker


June 30, 2016, the faculty leadership officially congratulated the staff on their professional holiday. Dean of the Faculty Kalmatov RK, made a speech, were the guests who also congratulated the team. Diplomas were awarded to Osh State University, the trade union committee and faculty credentials, the most distinguished teachers for the 2015-16 school year. Honorary Diploma of Osh State University, awarded 1 mamasan kyzy Asel 2 Uraimov Omurbek 3 Ahumbaeva Ayperi 4 Salieva Sooner 5 Karataeva Gulnara 6 Kochkonbaeva Sonayym Honorary Diploma of the Faculty: 1 Salieva Dinara 2 Ablesova Asel 3 Abdrazakova Aykokul 4 Ismailov Imetkul 5 Mamatova Altynkyz etc. Dear colleagues.! On the eve of the Day of the medical worker, I want to sincerely congratulate you – doctors, scientists, teachers and training staff for the healthcare professional holiday. All of you are involved in a common noble cause, and therefore deserve the kindest words. If there is on earth the eternal profession, then it belongs to such a profession is health care worker. Since the days of Hippocrates healing body and soul and is the most difficult and the most noble cause. The medicine is not random people come. Compassion, compassion, humanism – based on these principles, our professional activities. And it makes everyone who wears a white gown and feel a great responsibility for the results of their labor. Not without reason, the famous scientist VM Bekhterev said: “If a patient after a conversation with the doctor does not become easier, it’s not a doctor.” Very hard every day to share with people of their pain, giving at the same time instilling hope and optimism. But this is done by those who associated himself with the medicine. Attention and support medical education from the University, which we feel in recent years have brought tangible results. The implementation of many programs aimed at improving the medical education were important steps for further development of health care of the Kyrgyz Republic. But to achieve goals not enough to modernize hospitals and schools, to equip them with modern equipment. To do this, you must change the ideology of our work – to prioritize the interests of the patient and the student. It should be noted the positive results of our work with you, who have now – we are completely systematized learning process (AVN, site), educational work, and science. Professional recognition of university-level experts of our faculty, the national scale, but also the international border. Of course, we still have many problems, but I think that a young and ambitious team is able to overcome the difficulties and create more high quality medical education, develop ekporta education. No profession can not be compared in importance and complexity of the medical profession. It is therefore particularly want to wish you success in your difficult work that requires you to all the spiritual strength and full commitment. Accept my warmest wishes on the eve of our professional holiday – the Day of Medical Worker! Dear Colleagues! I wish all professional fulfillment, personal well-being, the health of you and your loved ones! Let never you do not have to question the benefit that you bring every minute of your work! Congratulations!